We offer a safe and indoor parking with several parking lots within 100 mtr.
from the hotel. Costs are €10,- per day until check-out so no worries early next
morning. Please ask our reception for availability.
Charging: here you can also find our Tesla Charging point so you can leave
full and complete the next day. A public charging point for other vehicles is
within 150 mtrs.

There are parking lots available in the (adjoining-)street of the hotel as well.
You need a parking ticket, available at the closest machine, on Mo. – Sat. from 09:00 am. till
18:30 pm. and on Fridays till 21:00 (late night shopping). Sundays are free of charge.
Hourly rate of € 1,60 or choose a day ticket at € 7,20 , available at the parking meter next to
the hotel. Mobile parking is possible as well (area 4602).